blackening or black coating metallurgy machinery parts

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Powder metallurgy is a process for making metals or using metal powders (or a mixture of metal powders and non-metal powders) as raw materials, forming and sintering, and manufacturing metal materials, composite materials and various types of products.

Product name blackening or black coating metallurgy machinery parts
Material Fe, Cu, FeCu alloy, stainliee steel, graphite
Style Sleeve, Flanged,Spherical,Miniature,Trust Washer, Rod
Size 1) inner 3-70mm, also can according to your request

Standard tolerance of inside diameter G7
Standard tolerance of outside diameter S7
Recommend shaft tolerance f7/g6
Recommend housing tolerance H7

Physical properities:

Specific load capacity static: 10 N/mm²

Specific load capacity dynamic: 5 N/mm²

Sliding speed: 6.0 [ m/s ]

Friction value: 0,05 to 0,20 [ µ ]

Temperature strain: -40 to +200 [ °C ]

Max. Pv - value: 1.6 [ N/mm² x m/s ]

Bronze Bushing Hardness: HB 30-145

Surface Roughness:0.8-1.6

Yield Stength: 15,000 PSI

Elongation: 1%

" K" Strength Constent(PSI): 26,500

Oil Centent: 18-22% (V)

Density: 6.4-7.3 g/cm³


1. Exquisite and shiny appearance, beautiful and elegant

2. The product is durable and will not age or rust

3. Has a good fixing effect

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