Characteristics And Application Of Common Bearing Materials

As we all know, there are many types of bearing materials in the market, and our common bearing materials include three categories of metal materials, porous metal materials and non-metallic materials.

Metallic materials

Bearing alloy, bronze, aluminum base alloy, zinc base alloy and so on are all become metal materials. Among them, the bearing alloy, also known as white alloy, is mainly the alloy of lead, tin, antimony or other metals. It can have low strength under the conditions of heavy load and high speed. The reason is that it has good wear resistance, high plasticity, good running in performance, good thermal conductivity, good glue resistance and good adsorption with oil. However, due to its high price, it must be poured on the bearing bush of bronze, steel strip or cast iron to form a thin coating.

(1) Bearing alloy (commonly known as Babbitt alloy or white alloy)
Bearing alloy is an alloy of tin, lead, antimony and copper. It takes tin or lead as the matrix and contains hard grains of antimony tin (sb SN) and copper tin (Cu SN). The hard grain plays an anti-wear role, while the soft matrix increases the plasticity of the material. The elastic modulus and elastic limit of bearing alloy are very low. Among all bearing materials, its Embeddedness and friction compliance are the best. It is easy to run in with the journal and is not easy to bite with the journal. However, the strength of the bearing alloy is very low, and the bearing bush cannot be made alone. It can only be attached to the bronze, steel or cast iron bearing bush as the bearing lining. Bearing alloy is suitable for heavy load, medium and high speed occasions, and the price is expensive.

(2) Copper alloy
Copper alloy has high strength, good antifriction and wear resistance. Bronze has better properties than brass and is the most commonly used material. Bronze includes tin bronze, lead bronze and aluminum bronze. Among them, tin bronze has the best antifrict

Post time: Nov-17-2021