How to improve the poor lubrication of starter bearings

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Self-lubricating bearings believe that we all understand the application in life, for its role is relatively important, so in the starter bearing poor lubrication should be how to improve? The following and Hangzhou self – lubricating bearing xiaobian together to understand it.


Hangzhou self-lubricated bearing


In normal use, starter bearings (commonly referred to as copper sleeves) are usually caused by excessive wear or even loose journal and copper sleeves and can affect starter performance. There are two main reasons why the copper sleeve of the starter is easy to wear out: first, the load is large, which is a constant reality; Second, the load is too large. The other is poor lubrication, which can be improved. Lubrication of the starter’s brass sleeve and the arccon journal is usually performed during disassembly and maintenance, with some grease applied. Normally, in normal use, the starter cannot be lubricated without disassembly.


When the starter works, the outer round surface of the shaft neck contacts the inner four sides of the copper sleeve, and part of the grease is squeezed out of the friction surface, which accelerates the consumption of grease and causes dry friction between the shaft neck and the copper sleeve when the starter works. Exacerbating the wear and tear on both. As a result, the test rotated two oil grooves about 0.8mm deep and 1.5mm wide on the inner surface of the copper sleeve. After overhauling the starter, fill the grooves with grease and install. After running test, the long-term lubrication is achieved and the wear of the journal and copper sleeve is reduced.



Post time: Nov-06-2020