How to solve the problem of high temperature in the bearing of explosion-proof motor effectively


For explosion-proof motor bearings, too high temperature is one of the important factors that damage bearings. Of course, bearing noise is abnormal, large vibration and unreasonable design will damage the explosion-proof motor bearing. So how should the temperature of the explosion-proof motor bearing be too high? Next, by the small series of Hangzhou self-lubricating bearings to explain this.

Hangzhou self-lubricating bearings

1. If the motor bearing in operation is overheating, please check whether the ball bearing or the bearing bushing of the cargo ball bearing is damaged. If so, please replace and replace it.

2. When replacing the grease, if it is mixed with hard particles or unclean bearings, it will aggravate the wear and overheating of bearings, and may even damage bearings. After cleaning the bearing and bearing end cover, replace the grease again, and fill the grease in the oil chamber 2/3.

3. Lack of oil in bearing cavity. Motor bearings are short of oil for a long time, and the friction loss is aggravated, leading to bearing overheating. For regular maintenance, add grease to fill 2/3 oil chamber or add lubricating oil to standard oil level to prevent motor bearings from running out of oil.

4. The grade of grease is wrong. Change the correct type of grease as soon as possible. In general, no. 3 lithium base grease or no. 3 complex calcium base grease should be used.

5. The grease in the rolling bearing is too blocked, so excessive grease in the rolling bearing should be removed.

6. If there are impurities, too dirty, too thick or the oil ring is stuck, the grease should be replaced to find out the cause of the sticking and repair it, and when the oil viscosity is too high, the oil should be replaced.

7. The fit between the bearing and the shaft, the bearing and the end cover is too loose or too tight. Too tight will deform the bearing, while too loose is easy to cause “running sleeve”. If the fit between the bearing and the shaft is too loose, the journal can be coated with metal paint or inlaid end cover. If it is too tight, it should be reworked.

8. The belt is too tight or too loose, the coupling is poorly assembled, or the motor and the axis of the driven machine are not in the same straight line, which will increase the bearing load and heat. The tightness of the belt should be adjusted; Correct the coupling.

9. Due to improper assembly, the fastening of the fixing end cover screw is inconsistent, leading to the center of the two shafts is not in a straight line, or the outer ring of the bearing is unbalanced, leading to the rotation of the bearing is not flexible, and the friction force increases after load and heating. It should be reassembled.

10. Motor end cover or bearing cover is not installed correctly, usually not parallel, resulting in incorrect bearing position. Install both ends of the cover or bearing cover evenly and tighten the bolts.

The above ten points are all the content of the solution to the high temperature of the explosion-proof motor bearing. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Post time: Mar-31-2021