Improper use of self-lubricating bearings is likely to cause what problems occur


Self-lubricating bearings have the common characteristics of metal bearings and oil-free bearings, can withstand high loads, and equipped with some solid lubrication materials to achieve better lubrication effect. They are widely used in our life. The improper use of self-lubricating bearings will easily cause a variety of problems. Next, the small series of self-lubricating bearings in Hangzhou will explain it. I hope it can be helpful to you.

1. Peeling at the extreme position on the side of the channel

The exfoliation at the ultimate position of the channel is mainly manifested in the severe exfoliation area at the junction of the channel and ribs. The reason is that the bearing is not installed in place or suddenly axial overload occurs during operation. The solution is to ensure that the bearing is in place or to change the outer ring fit of the free-side bearing to a clearance fit to compensate the bearing in the event of bearing overload. If the installation is not reliable, the thickness of the lubricant film can be increased (to increase the viscosity of the lubricant) or the load of the bearing can be reduced to reduce the direct contact of the bearing.

Two. The channel is peeled off at a symmetrical position in the circumferential direction

The peeling of the symmetric position is shown by the peeling of the inner ring on the inner ring, while the outer ring is peeled off in the circumferential symmetric position (i.e. in the direction of the short axis of the ellipse). This performance is particularly evident in the camshaft bearings of motorcycles. When the bearing is pressed into a large elliptical housing hole or the two halves of the separated housing are tightened, the outer ring of the bearing will be elliptical, and the clearance along the short axis will be significantly reduced, or even become negative clearance. Under the action of load, the inner ring rotates to produce the circumferential peeling mark, while the outer ring only produces the peeling mark in the symmetric position of the short axis direction. This is the main reason for premature failure of bearings. The inspection of the faulty part of the bearing showed that the roundness of the outer diameter of the bearing had changed from 0.8um in the original process control to 27um. This value is much larger than the radial clearance value. Therefore, it can be determined that the bearing works under the condition of severe deformation and negative clearance, and the working surface is prone to early unusually sharp wear and peeling. The countermeasures are to improve the machining accuracy of the shell hole or to avoid the use of two halves of the shell hole.

Three, raceway inclined peeling

The inclined peeling ring on the working surface of the bearing indicates that the bearing is working in an inclined state. When the inclination Angle reaches or exceeds the critical state, it is easy to form abnormal sharp wear and peel early. The main reasons are poor installation, shaft deflection, low accuracy of shaft journal and bearing seat hole.

The above three points are all the contents of the problems easily caused by the improper use of self-lubricating bearings. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Post time: Mar-24-2021