Self lubricating Bearing Introduction

Self-lubricating bearings are made of composite self-lubricating materials, which are composed of a mixture of PTFE, carbon, graphite, glass fiber, polymer organic matter and steel back. Its composite structure combines the advantages of several materials, showing special excellent properties: shock absorption and noise reduction, good flexibility, thick coating, good elastic deformation, no gap interference fit, no oil lubrication, low friction coefficient, high wear resistance, no maintenance. This material can realize the real sense of green and energy saving production, environmental protection process, low energy consumption, high production efficiency.


We MYB200 bonded composite self-lubricating sheet is mainly used for production of various specifications of flanging bushing, widely used in areas such as the automotive industry and light industry machinery, fitness equipment, office equipment and other fields, can be used under interference conditions, to eliminate the gap, have the effect of shock, eliminate noise, self-lubricating, operating conditions and soft metal mesh belt material close to, But the material strength is better than the metal mesh belt, the use of a wider range of conditions, lower cost, more environmentally friendly process. This product is only our company mass production in China, our company has an advantage in cost.


Post time: May-24-2021