Stamping Technology Of Wave Cage For Deep Groove Ball Bearing

There are generally two stamping processes for wave cage for deep groove ball bearing. One is ordinary press (single station) stamping, and the other is multi station automatic press stamping.

The stamping process of ordinary press is as follows:

1. Material preparation: determine the strip width of the selected sheet according to the blank size and layout method calculated by the process, and cut it into the required strip on the gantry shear machine, and its surface shall be flat and smooth.

2. Ring cutting: blanking is carried out on the press with the help of the composite die of blanking and punching to obtain the ring blank. Generally, after ring cutting, it is necessary to clean the burr generated by blanking and improve the quality of cutting section, which is usually carried out by channeling barrel. After ring cutting, the workpiece is not allowed to have obvious burrs.

3. Forming: press the annular blank into wave shape with the help of forming die, so as to lay a good foundation for shaping and stamping. At this time, the wool is mainly subject to complex bending deformation, and its surface shall be free of cracks and mechanical scars.

4. Shaping: shaping the spherical surface of the pocket on the press with the help of the shaping die, so as to obtain the pocket with accurate geometry and low surface roughness that meet the quality requirements.

5. Punching rivet hole: punch out the cold stamping for rivet installation on each lintel around the cage with the help of the punching rivet hole die.

After the processing is completed, the final auxiliary process shall be carried out. Including: cleaning, pickling, channeling, inspection, oiling and packaging.

The production flexibility of stamping cage on ordinary press is large, and the machine tool has the advantages of simple structure, low price and easy use and adjustment. However, the process is scattered, the production area is large, the production efficiency is low, and the working conditions are poor.

Post time: Dec-09-2021