To distinguish the quality of self-lubricating bearings depends on what factors


Different self-lubricating bearings have great differences in quality. What related factors should we look at when we use choice to understand its quality? The following and Hangzhou self-lubricating bearings Xiaobian together to understand it.

Hangzhou self-lubricating bearings

Clarity of outer package

The outer packaging of products produced by regular manufacturers is designed by professionals, so, overall, it will be very good. There will also be quality checks during the production process, so whether it’s from the production line to the color blocks, and everywhere, it’s very clear and unambiguous, and that’s very important for us. The manufacturer has carried out further checks on the product before it is known whether it is suitable.

Whether the steel stamp is clean

The product itself of each bearing product will be printed with some brand words and labels. Although the font size is small, products made by regular manufacturers will use this tagging technique, and this method is really useful for everyone. Apply to. The stamps are relatively clear, and the packaging is also very clear. If there are no other problems, then the product will be better, so everyone has to analyze it.

Is there any noise

When judging the self-lubricating bearing is not good, it should also check whether there are impurities and the situation in each place. Of course, we should also carefully understand these aspects. It is more convenient to use when there is no noise. Therefore, everyone must have a better understanding of these aspects and really understand these specific conditions. If there is noise, the quality is not particularly good, so it should be considered clearly when distinguishing.

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Post time: Apr-07-2021