What are the methods of making powder metallurgy products


With the continuous development of industry, powder metallurgy products have a series of characteristics such as energy saving, material saving, good performance, high precision and good stability. Pulverizing methods can be divided into mechanical methods and physical and chemical methods.


Mechanical method refers to the process of mechanical crushing of raw materials without changing the chemical composition; Physicochemical process is the process of obtaining powder by changing the chemical composition or concentration of raw material by chemical or physical action. On an industrial scale, reduction, atomization and electrolysis are widely used. Some methods, such as vapor deposition and liquid deposition, are also important in some applications.


The production of powder metallurgy products is similar to that of ceramics and belongs to powder sintering process. The feeding system is driven by servo motor + linear module to ensure the accurate position of ceramic push plate. After pushing the ceramic plate, the manipulator grabs the gear hub and places it on the ceramic plate.


Servo belt line can ensure the accuracy of each walking distance; Ceramic plate separation mechanism: there can only be one ceramic plate at a time. In order to get better results, the pushing mechanism needs to push and return material within 5 seconds (push cylinder speed can not be too fast, too fast will produce large inertia, resulting in inaccurate push position).


Manipulator needs to take and unload in 5 seconds (manipulator travel is too long and time is too long). The taking way is to shorten the taking and unloading position. The conveying rhythm of ceramic plate should reach 3.5 seconds per piece. In order to speed up the production of POWDER metallurgy products, the ceramic plate is pushed accurately, and then the product is placed on the ceramic plate. Shorten the running distance of servo line, increase the whole production rhythm, up to 12pcs/min.

Post time: Sep-13-2021