What Is The Use Of Powder Metallurgy?


With the development of the high-tech industry, the variety and demand for new materials, especially new functional materials, are constantly increasing, and powder metallurgy is one of the new materials. It has a series of advantages such as remarkable energy saving, saving materials, excellent performance, high product accuracy, and good stability. It is very suitable for mass production. Powder metallurgy is the production of metal powder or the use of metal powder as a raw material. After the process of forming and sintering, what is the use of powder metallurgy?

Powder metallurgical uses:
Powder metallurgy is mainly suitable for the production and research of spare parts in the automotive industry, equipment manufacturing industry, metal industry, aerospace, military industry, instrumentation, hardware tools, electronic appliances, and other fields, and related raw materials and accessories. Various kinds of powder preparation equipment, sintering equipment manufacturing.
2, in military enterprises, heavy weapons and equipment such as armor-piercing bombs, torpedoes, etc., aircraft and tanks and other brake pairs must be produced using powder metallurgical technology.
3, can achieve near net formation and automation mass production, thus, can effectively reduce the production of resources and energy consumption.
4, can make full use of ore, tailings, steelmaking sludge, rolling steel scales, recycling waste metal as raw materials, is an effective material regeneration and comprehensive utilization of a new technology.

Powder metallurgical automotive parts have become the largest market in China’s powder metallurgical industry in recent years. About 50 % of automotive parts are powder metallurgical parts. Some materials and complex parts that can not be prepared by traditional casting methods and mechanical processing methods can also be manufactured using powder metallurgical technology. Therefore, it is highly valued by the industry.

Post time: Nov-21-2020